What is BuzzCalc:

BuzzCalc is a real-time webpage scraper. It scans many sites and determines trends for all words it finds.

How it Works:

BuzzCalc runs on your computer. It repeatedly scans webpages that you set. Every word is cataloged and stored over time. Analyze the data with Excel formulas: Find the latest trending keywords. Calculate a keyword's popularity over time. As websites get updated, BuzzCalc re-scans them and your Excel models refresh in real-time.

Who is BuzzCalc for:

Market Research

Sentiment in the marketplace changes quickly. Stay on top of up to the minute consumer chatter and edge out your competitors.

Securities Trading

Stay ahead of the curve on your arbitrage models. See chatter before it hits the street. Integrate market buzz with market data.


Are major events going to disrupt your supply chain? Should you hedge with financial instruments? See chatter before it hits your pocket.

Easy to Use

• Scan any type of webpage: Blogs, News, Facebook, Twitter.

• Any kind of format: HTML pages, RSS feeds, XML files.

• Automated fetch scheduling.

• Excel updates in real-time. No VBA needed.


• Search for trends using Google-style queries.

• Target important words. Ignore clutter words.

• Group webpages using tags. Search the entire group.

Secure & Private

• Data is on your PC, not in the cloud.

• Nobody can snoop on your models.

• For More Information see our Online Help.