Start App When Computer Starts

If this is set, BuzzCalc will start and the Engine switch will automatically turn on.

Feed Defaults

These can be set for an individual feed, but if nothing is set, the feed will use these defaults. See the Feeds Tab for more information.


These apply each time a page is fetched:

Web Page Timeout

Sets the number of seconds to try before giving up on a fetch.

Same-Site Pages Wait Time

This is a default for all sites. It can be set specifically for individual sites as well. See the Feeds Tab for more information.


Function Time Limit

Calls from Excel can use up a lot of processing power. This can happen if there are too many search parameters or the time span to search is too large. Limit the strain placed on the PC by setting the maximum number of seconds that a function can run for. If this is exceeded, Excel will display "ERROR".

Web Proxy Server

A web proxy is used if you need to 'bounce' through a gateway computer to get onto the internet. This may be needed in companies that have firewalls or with VPN web servers.

Server(:Port #)

The server format can be either an:

Do not prefix with anything (like HTTP://). A port number can be added using a colon. Eg: