Getting Started

Add Feeds

BuzzCalc pre-installs a few practice feeds. Use these or set up your own. More information here: Feeds

Turn On Engine

Turn the On/Off switch 'On'. That's it! The 'Activity' tab will start showing what is happening.

The 'Stats' tab will will display the most popular phrases coming in. If you find some single words not relevant (a, an, the...), right click on them and add them to the 'Ignore List'.

Open Excel

Start a new workbook. In a blank cell enter:


The most popular word from all your feeds will appear. If you change the argument to a (2) , you will see the most popular two-word phrase. It will change as new information is received. More information here: Excel Functions

Categorize Feeds

Have Excel query specific feeds for popular words by grouping them together. To do this, label them with Tags. More information here: Tags