Function - BuzzFetchTimeEarliest(), BuzzFetchTimeLatest()


The earliest/latest time that data was recieved. Omit all arguments to find the first/last time for all fetches.


  1. Search Term(s): Result will be for the earliest/latest of any of these search terms. More information on search terms. (optional value or range)
  2. Tag(s): Result will be the earliest/latest feed haiving any of these tags. (optional value or range)
  3. Start Date/Time: The starting Date/Time from which this should be computed. (optional value)
  4. End Date/Time: The ending Date/Time to which this should be computed. (optional value)
  5. N Times: The number of times back/forward from the earliest/latest time data was seen. A '1' for the very first/last time data was seen, '2' for 2nd time, etc. (optional value, default 1)


=BuzzFetchTimeEarliest("Cyberdyne Systems", "MergerAcquisitions")