Function - BuzzCount()


Count fetches or occurrences of a search term.


  1. Search Term(s): The search phrase to match. More information on search terms. (optional value or range)
  2. Count Fetches?: Within a single fetch, count multiple Search Term occurrences once or multiple times. (optional TRUE/FALSE, Default: FALSE)
    Eg. If a search term occures four different places in a single fetch, count it four times or once? If only once, set this to TRUE.
  3. Tag(s): Feeds with any of these tags will be included. (optional value or range)
  4. Start Date/Time: The starting Date/Time which this should be computed from. (optional value)
  5. End Date/Time: The ending Date/Time to which this should be computed. (optional value)


=BuzzCountTerms("Cyberdyne Systems", , "MergerAcquisitionsSites")